Virtual Memory of Thomas Wiegandt, Multi-Art Composer, 1955 - 20??, now decomposing.

Welcome to
an independent spirit website
to share the artwork, music and poetry
of Thomas Wiegandt.

I hope you will enjoy the exploration of various artistic expressions. Most of them came about in a spontaneous way. It felt almost like a ritual that I had to undergo and perform. These various expressions always made me feel better and more and more I gained an insight into what was actually going on. It was a healing process.

So why do I do this website ? - The reason is that I reject the ego-driven and capitalist art business, that controls and limits artistic expression! I like to share my art with whoever enjoys it. I believe in non-elitist community art, with everyone having the right to be an artist for their own and for communal enjoyment.


Why is this website called Cosmic Radio ? - From 1981 to 1985 I lived in a small village called Calle, in the North of Germany. We lived a lifestyle of self-discovery in an almost self-sufficient country commune exporing different ways of living together, relating to one another in honesty and also searching for a meaningful and truthful spirituality. We used to have regular music sessions in which we were always surprised by how our spontaneous improvisations could be so connected and coherent. In many ways, these improvisations were like instant compositions! My friend Martin Gust and I talked about this and we came to the conclusion that we were the recipients of some cosmic broadcasting, and that we were actually tuned into Cosmic Radio. That’s how the term came about, and to me it's still a good explanation. I consider myself as an instrument of the Cosmic Spirit.

Please recommend and make a link to this website to share with the people who have an interest in arts and spirituality ! If you intend to use any of these materials please ask for permission. I am always interested in cooperating with other artists and community projects.

Thanks to the Omni-versal Spirit, to the ancestors, and of course to all the musicians and other people who participated in the various projects and helped to make this possible.



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