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My legacy is to share and pass on what I have learned about music over the years in many different situations from my own experience or what people from different cultures with other belief systems told me or what I picked up by tuning intuitively into Cosmic Radio which transmits not only music but also all kinds of information from the infinite pool of universal knowing.
Some of the following is difficult to communicate with words, but I will try my best.
May the music you choose and the sounds around you make your life happier!

Cosmic Vibrations - Existence and effect of sound and music

(unfinished essay by Thomas Wiegandt)

Music and sounds are vibrations with different wavelengths whose frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz). Sound is an audible sensation and is atmospheric and less organized than music, which has structures as keys, scales, time signatures, rhythms, phrases and melodies. There is a flowing transition between sound and music. Sound is a more primal, audible phenomenon than music and resonates with the deeper levels of a living being. Certain specific frequencies of the unimaginable multitude of clusters of cosmic vibrations that exist in the vastness of the universe resonate with the emotions of the soul of a living being.

These vibrations manifest/experienced as sound and music, if they are not being suppressed or ignored. It is a natural process happening to every (human) being, not only to musicians. A true musician is everybody who is open and receptive to recognize and allow the expression of sound and music in a personal way. Everybody's soul and feelings are unique, but at the same time are also quite similar and and not all that different after all.

True and honest music played spontaneously from the heart and not for money and fame is a universally understood language and an expression of the soul that unites people despite of differences in culture, language, belief system and outer appearance. Music and sound move people and people move to music and sound.

Music is one type of soul food. Everybody needs soul food, but everybody needs the right music and sounds that suit their soul at a particular moment in time. The right music and sound improve the quality of life of an individual person. The needs and preferences of different human being regards music and sound can be almost identical but also completely different, depending on their momentary disposition. It is useful to note which emotions are evoked by different kinds of music and sound and how a person reacts to them. It is important to also realize that all music and sound ultimately lead in to silence which can be called the other or hidden side of music. Music and sound originate from silence .....
Music, sound and silence are a personal and individual self responsible choice of a person to enhance life quality in an appropriate way.

Resonance is the phenomenon that activates another dormant vibration with the same wavelength or frequency. I works like radio or TV which receives waves from a transmitter or broadcaster. A person can make the strings of a guitar or piano sound just with their voice, without touching the strings. In the same way sound and music are picked up by a person's soul by receiving cosmic vibrations and expressing them with the voice or a musical instrument. This is happening all the time anyway but everybody can also consciously open up to this. I call this transmission process through resonance Cosmic Radio.

Hearing Voices - putting things into context ... and moving on

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(an article by Thomas Wiegandt as response to the Hearing Voices conference in Cork City, Ireland 10-11-06)

Trapped (in our mind)

The western world with its predominantly materialistic view of today's world classifies someone who hears voices as being schizophrenic, meaning someone with a split personality, who is a scare and potential danger to the community. Most voice hearers in our society are either on medication as a standard measure or institutionalized. The majority of voice hearers stay in that situation over a long period of time and become even more isolated and marginalized. There are hardly any options available even to the ones who don\t agree to the common routine of being numbed by chemicals just to function. There is generally not much of a therapeutical approach or a thorough research of the phenomenon of voice hearing in order to help a fellow human being to cope with the situation or to improve it.
Hearing voices is an individual phenomenon, which can vary greatly. Voices can range from evil and threatening to benevolent and spiritually guiding. It can appear at any stage of the life for obvious or unknown reasons or it can be drug induced. A thorough and open minded individual research of the voice hearing is fundamental to develop coping strategies.
As hearing voices is a social stigma in our society a lot of voice hearers have gone ?under cover? early in their lives to avoid being classified, ridiculed and bullied as being crazy or mad. They would generally not speak about hearing voices, even not to their close ones. It?s a fair guess to assume that there are a lot of voice hearers among us that fall into this category, who obviously would have a wide range of coping mechanisms to live their lives with little or no outside help.

The bigger picture

Our western industrial civilisation with its mainly materialistic and egocentric philosophy and its alienation from nature is a fairly recent developement in the history of mankind. For at least 50000 years people in tribal societies all over the world have lived in harmony with nature in their environments. Their philosophy was animistic, which means that they believed that everything around them was alive and had a soul and feelings. Even today some tribal people in very remote places still live in that ancient way according to their shamanic belief systems. In the animistic world everything is alive, which includes the earth and the universe and all invisible forces. It is therefor important to maintain good relationships to all beings. This ancient belief is known as shamanism, a religion that existed long before today's world religions came into existence, a belief where all levels or parts of a being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - are equally acknowledged and dealt with.
The shaman, being priest, healer, advisor in personal and social matters, artist and musician all in one person, is the key figure in a tribal society. One of his important tasks is to make contact with the spirit world or the otherworld to communicate with the forces thought responsible for the different aspects of life and the well-being of all. Hearing voices is the listening part of the shamanic communication with the higher forces much in the same way as the privileged or chosen followers of all world religions hear the voices of God, the angels or the saints and prophets. Voice hearing has been always and still is considered as being close to the spirit or God and is part of a dialogue.

A simple, but proven approach

If people today, regardless of the conventions of our society, can accept and believe for themselves that a human being has a body, feelings, a mind and a soul or spirit, then there is generally no problem with hearing voices from other realities than just the material level. Hearing voices is an invitation to enter a dialogue and talk to the voice like you would to a real person, most of us have done this as children already, before it became a taboo. Even if some voices are malicious or threatening, there is no big difference to any scary situation in our everyday world, as we can react by voicing our opinion in various ways, by fighting back or asking others for help.
To openly talk about hearing voices is important to bring the issue into the open and to eventually lift the existing taboo, especially as there are more voice hearers than we think out there anyway. It is equally essential to talk to the voices, which will most of the time set a process in motion, that will improve the situation. Some voice hearers would, especially in the beginning, need support with any new step they are going to make. Local peer group meetings and workshops are as important as the availability of open minded, experienced and responsible therapists, who preferably work with a compassionate holistic approach.

Sound Healing

Shamans in tribal societies have used sound along with other practices as an effective remedy for thousands of years to get in contact with ?voices? and to communicate with the invisible world. Sound resonates in the body and the soul and changes our consciousness and the state of our whole being profoundly. Certain sounds and rhythms reduce the overactivity of our mind and allow us to drop more into our body. This can bring about positive change by dissolving stagnant energy and connecting with forgotten events earlier in life. Sound Healing ultimately restores harmony, which is the natural, unharmed and happy state of being.
Detailed information on Sound Healing can be found on www.drums-ireland.com (Thomas Wiegandt works as a music therapist using sound in a shamanic way for healing purposes and has treated clients with many different conditions - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
He has worked for the Health Board, Rehab Care, CoAction, Schizophrenia Ireland and various youth organisations.)

Sound and Vibration Healing

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(This information is a combination of tribal wisdom, western science and my own conclusions from working with sounds for myself and with clients since 1988)

"Sound Healing ultimately restores harmony, which is the natural, unharmed and happy state of being."


Sound Healing

(an article by Thomas Wiegandt 2005)

Singing Bowls and Shamanic Drumming (TV broadcast)

Drumming - the heartbeat of God

(an article by Thomas Wiegandt 2003)

Drumming is one of the oldest form of music on our planet and is a sophisticated community art.
Rhythm comes natural and people of all age groups and backgrounds just love playing drums and learn it very quickly.
Drumming is both, a lot of fun as well as educational, and it has successfully been used in schools, team building, festivals, community and youth projects as well as in therapeutic groups.
Everybody can do it, it is a lot of fun and is also energising as well as relaxing!

Drums and Percussions

Drums and percussions are the musical instruments used to play rhythmic patterns and structures. Drums are instruments in which an animal skin is stretched tightly across a frame or container of wood or metal to produce a percussive and resonating sound when struck either with hands or sticks. Percussion instruments are bells, gongs, shakers, or any resonant objects available. Drums and percussions are played usually in an ensemble and there is a great variety of instruments from many different cultures. The most popular drum today is the goblet shaped Djembe drum from West-Africa due to its fantastic sound range.


Humans are poly-rhythmic beings living in a poly-rhythmic world. Our personal rhythms created by our heartbeat, our breathing, our brawniness and the trembling of cells as well as the rhythms of sleeping and waking, eating and digesting, working and resting, are inseparably connected to the rhythm cycles of our planet like the returning of day and night, the waxing and waning of the moon, the rising and falling of tides, the turning of the seasons and the moving of the sun and the stars. The marriage of dancing and drumming is in its essence a process of embodying the rhythms of life, nature and the universe through movement and sound. By celebrating life�s and nature�s cycles man re-creates the interdependence and interconnection of all existence. Today�s alienation from nature, caused by industrialisation, economic growth and technology, and the resulting frantic western life style makes many of us now searching for a rhythm that feels natural and relates harmoniously to our personal pulses. The awakening rhythm-consciousness can be seen as a healing response to the loss of even rhythms in our disruptive and fast changing culture.

Drumming - a musical skill and more

Everybody from around 6 years of age onwards can learn to drum and it is easy to get started, because everybody got rhythm! Drumming is a lot of fun and very empowering. After only 2 or 3 hours people are drumming already with confidence and are sounding great. With a bit of practice everyone can progress fast and will soon be able to join musicians playing various types of music. Drumming allows the players to express themselves in a creative way and is also a physical non-hurtful way of releasing tension and aggression.

Community Music

All over the world drumming is or has been an essential accompaniment to ritual and ceremonial dances marking important transitions in the lives of individuals and communities. The occasions can be to celebrate the cycles of nature like planting and harvesting, or birth, initiation, marriage and death of a member of the community. Communal drumming allows the individual to connect with each other and resonate physically, emotionally and spiritually through rhythm. In the western world drumming in groups is meanwhile used a lot in schools, community and youth projects as well as in therapeutic groups. It is a musical team building tool to facilitate interaction and relating in a group. It also encourages participation and social integration in a playful way which is an important aspect in education.

Drumming in Ireland

Classical Music and the various local folk music traditions of Europe and North America, which includes Irish traditional music, are mainly centred around tunes and melodies, not so much around rhythm. Since the �70�s the western world got more and more interested in rhythmic and percussive music, since the �80s especially in African Drumming. Today there is a good interest in drumming performances and workshops in the communities, in schools and other institutions and organisations like the Health Board, YMCA, Scouts, Foroige, etc. and a festival would not be complete without some drumming. The Drumming Centre West Cork for Drumming, Art and Healing, a workshop centre in Ballydehob, West-Cork, is mainly dedicated to drumming and offers a broad program of workshops and sessions as well as being the only professional shop and mail-order in Ireland for quality drums and percussions from around the world.

Drum spirit - spirit drum

In tribal societies all over the world the shaman�s drum is a tool for transportation between the worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary or spiritual reality. The loud and constant sound of the drum enables the shaman�s consciousness to enter a state of trance and to travel out of his body into the timeless realm of the spirit world. It is the task of the shaman on these ethereal journeys to find visions and answers that help them to restore or retain balance for their people. The shaman might undertake a journey to find better grazing land for the animals, or enter the spirit world to retrieve the soul of a sick person or to restore the harmony and well being of the tribe.

Healing sounds and vibrations

The drum has been used for healing purposes world-wide for thousands of years in tribal societies with their shamanic traditions to communicate with the spirit world as well as a tool for social integration and to restore harmony. According to West-African wisdom teachings, emotional disturbances manifest as an irregular rhythm and are bad vibrations that block the vital physical processes. As regular even rhythms are regarded as a sign of health, these rhythms can heal a patient in an immediate and powerful way, removing blockages and releasing tension. Drumming and dancing thus is also a preventive remedy as it helps to become more conscious and balanced. The healing sounds of drums as well as Tibetan singing bowls are meanwhile also used in the west to treat a lot of conditions with good results where previously other methods might not have been very successful. Drumming works with the life force itself in a profound way on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A Vision: the "Eternal" infinite jam session! it's possible ...

I would like to initiate some never - ending jam sessions which should happen in various suitable and undisturbed spaces on planet earth. The spaces should be open to everyone who wants to improvise music or dance or any art form in a constructive way. These jam temples should be equipped with some musical instruments, mainly acoustic ones, to prevent volume egotistical power trip temptation and unhealthy noise levels. I imagine that people would come and jam for as long as it feels good and then leave again , probably with a smile on their face. Thus there would be an ever changing group of people playing ever changing music which would be always fresh and true to the mood and the vibrations of the moment. This improvisation would have a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable seating and also a basic set of common sense rules written on the walls as a reminder. All interactions should be ruled by mutual respect and a general positive attitude. I also imagine a virtual ongoing jam on the internet where people could log in and participate in the jam from each corner of the planet via their computers.


A diagram by Thomas Wiegandt, 1985
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